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The Artist - Janey Katz

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Animals - Unconditional Love

It is my belief that Angels and Santos, or Saints, are symbols of a higher source that watches over, protects and cares for us. My hope is that my sculptures will make you smile and remind you that you never really have to do anything alone. - JANEY KATZ

I Rock
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Junkyards - The Art Supply Store

"I develop a sense of what I want to do and start cutting parts," Katz said. "I then take the forms I've cut and arrange them like a puzzle. Parts that don't work well together in a sculpture go into a bucket. Those that do get welded and become a wall hanging." - 1994 THE NEW MEXICAN, Santa Fe, New Mexico

I Feel
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Plasma Cutter - Lightening in a Box

"I didn't know at the time what I was supposed to be doing. Just that I couldn't be carrying trays anymore. I had been collecting junk, had these old truck hoods and when I got the plasma cutter, first thing I did was carve out a dog." - 1996 THE NEW MEXICAN, Santa Fe, New Mexico

I Know

The Art

Horse Shoes

All of these sculptures are hung from a rusty piece of barbed wire welded to the back of an old horseshoe. They are perfect gifts for horse lovers or just someone who would like to "get lucky".

Saints & Angels

In New Mexico we have a santos, or saint in charge of just about everything. My belief is that we all have "help" from a higher source that watches over, protects, and cares for us.

Critters from The Hood

No two are alike, and being as they come from the"HOOD", they each have an "attitude" all their own.

Truck Rings

Framed in old automatic transmission clutch rings, these five small wall sculptures each tell a story about animals in pick up trucks.

Play Time

I'm always experimenting and using fowl language. I actually do feel better when I say, "mother f***er".

Hood Ornaments

Since they are drawn directly on the metal with a torch, no two are the same.

How to Purchase

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Stop by SSS 305

My current studio is housed in SSS 305 - Shared Studio Space @ The Wherehouse. Hence the name, there are over 6 artists working here, in addition to a gallery area. I'd be happy to give you a quick demo, allowing you see first hand, behind the curtain of the magic I wield with a plasma cutter. The Wherehouse is located at 305 S. Texas, Silver City, NM 88062. General public hours are 10am - 1pm on Saturdays.

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I'm Represented Across the Country

Many shops & galleries have picked up my work. If you give me a call, I can point you towards the nearest. Often I bump into folk who, unknowingly, asking me if I know the woman who makes 'Critters from the Hood' in Silver City. We laugh, and laugh... and then talk about our pets and chickens. This is an image of the Exhibition Space in SSS 305.

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Just Pick Up the Phone

The most direct way to get in touch is via telephone. Call me anytime between 10am and 4pm. I may ask to call you back, but you will hear from me. If you know what you are interested in, I can send you images of current stock / pieces.




   305 S. Texas,
       Silver City, NM 88062
   Tel: 575.313.6707.
   Email: janeykatz@me.com
   Website: www.sss305.com

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