The tactile passing on of ideas.

Elements of Identity Transition, was my first publication. I needed to fill my time productively while working in WNMU's Writing Center. This book chronicled 8 years of poetry, while text was encapsulated into 3 separate groups: Identity Foreclosure, Identity Moratorium, and Identity Achievement. It was a lesson in formatting, the coupling of images and words, and the investigation of, "How important is it for people who read this to know what I'm talking about?"

The most powerfully articulated 2-D form I've encountered are those that couple the strengths of words and images.

Subsequent to this first book, I transitioned into creating books for my film-based photography students while assuming the role of adjunct instructor in WNMU's Expressive Arts Department. Each semester we'd dedicate a day's worth of lab time to scanning 8"x10" or 11"x14" b/w images, creating or stealing text for captions, and enjoying each others company while reflecting upon old critiques, images, and assignments. Although not a formal or even graded process, students encountered unexpected ideas about images they thought they'd already come to terms with.

Eventually I developed a digital gallery of over 40,000 images; most of them were of Silver City musicians. They were taking up space on my rhodoras. Historically I'd been vocal about the genious of the Silver City music scene. But, I wanted to know if other [musicians] felt the same way. So, while sorting through galleries, I solicited ideas about the local music scene from local musicians. I received an eclectic and powerful mix of responses. Access to an answer was made clear and I was able to delete over 30,000 images and start from scratch. Listen: Something is Working, is the title to this book.