Core Knowledge is acquired exclusively by experience

The majority of my experientially based teaching experiences were through the Kooch-i-Ching Camping and Education Foundation. For over 10 years I lead expeditions in western United States (backpacking) and northern Canada (Canoeing). There are curve balls thrown by nature's forces needing to be dealt with, effecting the individual and group. The experience develops a skill set, necessary for exercising gumption and appreciating adversity.

An intense experience containing elements of physical discomfort not only promotes personal growth, but it forces an individual to understand what it means to be an integral and valued part of a whole.

Name of Trip Length in Days Number of Times Taken
English River 10 10
Pigeon River 14 1
Dowling River 14 1
North Knife River 21 1
Quetico National Park 10 3
Bighorn Mountains 10 4
Bear Tooth Mountains 10 2
Uinta National Forest 14 1
Bob Marshall Wilderness 14 1
Blood Vein River 14 3
Jasper National Park 14 1
Personal Solo Trips
Appalachian Trail 45 1
Burlington NC to Wilmington NC by Canoe 14 1
Other Organizations I Contracted For
Casa Mia Ranch