Musical mistakes transform into new ideas

Getting lost within an instrument is a beautiful achievement. If I need a break from the day or in search of redirection, I pick up the guitar. I haven't experimented with song writing since the late 1990s; I mainly stick to covers. I am one of those musicians who can play the same song over and over and over...each time it's different, not necessarily by intention. That's part of the beauty and part of the curse of playing solo...I only have to follow my own lead.

The acoustical guitar is the only analog device I regularly use. The surprises it brings me parallel print development in the darkroom. I'm not always sure what's going to happen if I try something new.

Working with any sort of an instrument enhances and deepens the audible world, just as working with a camera enhances the visual.


Currently I work out of The Shared Studio Space @ the Wherehouse.