Working with both film and digital

Transitioning from film (35mm & 120mm) wasn't an easy adjustment. I felt I was abandoning the fundamental qualities resulting in current interests. Film drove me to experience patience in the world; it forced the initiative to actively seek rather than to passively wait. It brought alive the uninvestigated paradoxes of being human, of being me. If I didn't see it, I had to make it.

The Infinity Box - Keeping in the spirit of bridging mathematics and fine art, I created a 3' x 3' x 3' mirrored box. Initially I was interested in seeing cool iterations using liquids, shapes, sands, etc. Ultimately, I got lost in experiencing the creation of new universes.

I discovered the academic power of the photograph while documenting (35mm) a canoeing expedition. The images unveiled the cause / effect relationship between person and environment. It resulted in the primary data source used to complete my first MA.

I gravitate towards music events and live performances. I have yet to encounter well articulated ideas as to why music and photography offer such a great marriage. Perhaps in musical contexts, performers are excessively free.

My local spots have included The Buckhorn Saloon, Diane's Parlor, and Q's Bistro. Most offer great food and spectacular music. More than anything else, there is a regularity to the coupling of food and music in Silver City, NM. I can always feed on music!

I don't hang out on the corner waiting for moments to unfold or for that ideal shot. I walk around with a camera. Mobility keeps my senses alert. Because Silver City, NM has a tourist population, there usually is something different. But, that difference is also accessible in the myriad daily routines experienced on Bullard.

Currently I work out of The Shared Studio Space @ the Wherehouse.